Monday, August 10, 2009

I've been tagged!

So, I notice that I have been tagged by The Makeup Snob and was asked to continue the chain. This should be fun.

So the rules of the picture tag:

►Open your first photo folder
►Scroll down to the 10th photo.
►Post that photo and story on your blog.
►Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same.

So the 10 photo on my computer is......

This is a picture of my daughter, Brianna, on Easter (2007). She was 3 years old here.

I believe this was her first egg hunt and she was so excited. This is when she was slimming down. I can still see those little chubby cheeks.

Ok, so I am going to tag a few more people so they can post their photo and story as well.

In no particular order:

1. Celly - La Dolce Vita Beauty Blog
2. Aziajs - Faces from Aziajs
3. Brad - Light Writer Photography
4. Deborah - DvoraDivine
5. Eye Adorer or Fashion
6. Natty - Miss Natty's Beauty Diary
7. Jude - The Girly Show

Ok, post away!

Don't forget to visit their blogs.

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  1. she's way too cute! thanks for the tag