Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Curly Hair

This post is a bit different because I mainly write about makeup. Well, I have been getting questions lately about what I put in my hair. I have naturally curly hair, yet sometimes I flat iron it if I don't want to deal with the curly fuss. To keep beautiful curls, here are a few Do's and Dont's:


  • TUCK CURLS INTO A BONNET OR SILK SCARF AT NIGHT. You have to protect your curls at bedtime! And if it’s long, first gather your hair into a high ponytail, using a loose scrunchy.
  • GET A TRIM EVERY THREE MONTHS. This is key for curly hair. You gain a quarter of an inch or so a month, so you’ll want to snip off dead ends to keep your curls looking and feeling fresh.
  • DO: TRY A PORTABLE HOOD DRYER INSTEAD OF A DIFFUSER. After applying your styling product to wet hair, sit under a hood dryer (pre-heated works best). Stop when your hair’s almost dry, and then let the rest air dry. Your curls will have great definition!


  • TOUCH YOUR HAIR UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY. If you fuss too much with your wet hair, you’ll disturb the curl pattern. The curls won’t have a chance to set properly. I usually wait until it completely dries and fluff it out.
  • SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR EVERY TIME IT GETS WET. You"ll dry out your curls if you shampoo too much. I suggest a ‘big shampoo’ once a week. And don’t worry about it not getting clean. When you wet your hair and rinse it, you’re cleaning it!
  • DON’T: USE TOO MUCH STYLING PRODUCT. This leads to crunchy curls. Your product should be lite enough that you can saturate your hair with it, and your curls don’t get crunchy or weighted down.

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