Saturday, June 26, 2010

Viva Glam Gaga + FOTD

I decided today that I needed a new pink in my collection so I got the new Viva Glam by Lady Gaga. Well it's not really by Lady Gaga, she's just the celebrity model for the new line. For me, it was a bit scary in the tube because I don't really do pink. I was shocked to say that it looks really good on. It is very natural looking. My daughter is gaga over it. If she could wear pink everyday, she would.

All the proceeds from Viva Glam collection goes towards their AIDS fund, so that was a plus.

I paired it with a pink lipglass from the Beach Collection. I love the orange tube. It is called Splashing. It adds a little more color to the Lady Gaga lipstick.

Here is my FOTD:

  • Cinema Secrets Foundation mixed with Cetaphil moisturizer
  • MAC Set Powder
  • La Femme Blush - (some pink color - no name??)
  • Urban Decay Primer
  • MAC Vex, Creme de Violet, Satellite Dreams
  • MUFE #92
  • Bobby Brown Gel Liner
  • Mac Cork Liner
  • Viva Glam Gaga ls
  • Mac - To the Beach Lipglass - Splashing


  1. very pretty!!! u have grown soooo much as an artist :) so proud of u and i love your blog!

  2. Thanks Andrea!! I learned from the best :).